Modular Mobile Home

Prefabricated architecture is known for its mobility, allowing people to live in faraway and previously isolated locales. Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos has created VIMOB in this vein, designing it as a modular home that can be easily transported and assembled.
The 398-square-foot dwelling has a rustic aesthetic. It features a patchwork of timber on the exterior, in addition to a wood-finished interior that uses oriented strand board (OSB) for its walls and pine on the ceilings. Boasting an open-floor plan, the living, dining, and kitchen flow into one another, with two bedrooms and a bathroom located at the opposite end of the space. Full-height windows and large patios help to extend these areas towards the outdoors and create an airy and unrestricted feel in the home.

Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos

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