Paris apartment by Dariel Studio

Moving in to an empty white apartment in the heart of Paris, the plain style left this family longing for more. Eager to transform their home into an elegant space that reflects the rich culture of the city, they sought design help from Dariel Studio. What was once a stark white Paris apartment is now a vibrant abode, filled with eclectic style. Blending creativity and timelessness, every room features unique furniture pieces, custom-built to suit the family’s sophisticated taste.
Inspired by the vibrancy, culture, and history of Paris, the penthouse apartment is thoughtfully curated to evoke exaltation of the city. The blue walls are juxtaposed with a pastel hued Cubist-style rug, creating a visual trail that leads into the living area. The monochrome walls brilliantly conceal the doors in the hallway, while the copper-toned light bulbs and art piece are warm accents to the blue walls.
The mirror, designed by Federico Floriani, is an interesting interpretation of a shaman’s mask. Hung directly across from the enigmatic art piece, the mirror creates a dynamic exchange of warmth and texture through the reflection.

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