Single Family House

‘A Single Family House for a Painter’ is a studio and dwelling with a natural and simple beauty, located in Gaucín, designed by DTR_studio.
The developers Joseba and María have marked the character of the house. He is a renowned painter who comes from Basque country to Gaucín attracted by the position and the views of the city. He needed a place to work and looked for an architect who understood his ideas of the lights and the space. The work developed shared the client and the architect ideas.
The geographic situation is very important. Gaucín is one of the most singular villages in the Ronda mountain area. The Town is like a balcony looking at the Strait of Gibraltar and Africa. Its privileged situation gives to Gaucín a amazing weather in addition to the views. The Villa is configurated by narrows streets and white Walls. Architects’ idea is to play with white faces and shadows to be integrated with the surroundings.
The plot position is in the highest area of the village and its link with the views and the landscape will be decisive in the concept of the form of the house — a white prism sculpted in the rock to hold a painting studio and a dwelling.
The painting studio, sited in the ground floor, has double height to allow paint large format pictures. The control of the natural light, thanks to a patio drilled in the stone, is other requirement. The bedroom is in the same space. This attic room is built with a light structure and open to the work area. The living area is upstairs, developed as a open space and looking at the amazing views. You can go to the roof trough a footbridge sited in the backyard garden. This area is like a white oasis, where the swimming pool, the Infinity views and the sky allow you to dream.
Finally is very important to highlight the work to integrate the project in the nearest surroundings. DTR_studio have tried to not design anything new but used the tradition, the light and the shadows.

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