Stylish apartment by Alexander Zenzura

This stylish apartment in Germany is the visualization of art director Alexander Zenzura. It takes a seemingly standard-sized apartment and transforms it into a grand space. There are many elements in this space, from the furnishings to the layout and room details that make this space seem large and open. Upon first look, the open concept living space looks as if it was from a family size home rather than an apartment. The main area is composed of the living room, dining area, and the kitchen. Even though the patio is in a separate space, the openness of the windows makes it seem as if it is in the same room. The greenery lining the windows especially brings the outside in.
The kitchen area is simple and smaller but it doesn’t take away from the grandeur of this design. The built in ovens allow for more cabinet and counter space. The dining room has floor to ceiling mirrors giving the illusion of a deeper space. The clean white color palette with neutral color touches contribute to the open feel of the room.

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