The 22 Square Meter Loft in Taipei

Taipei is a city of trendy neighborhoods, delicious street food and more scooters on the roads than you could imagine! But did you know that it is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world?
Taipei City is the most expensive part of the country, and with so many people jostling for space the younger generation are settling for smaller and smaller homes. This might sound like a grim situation, but wait until you take a tour of this tiny apartment, and you might just want a tiny home for yourself.
This 22 square meter apartment is owned by a young woman who travels a lot for work. Since she barely spends enough time at home, her requirements were pretty basic; but it did require a lot of creative thinking.
The designer Szu-Min Wang of A Little Design wanted to make sure that despite the small size, the apartment was equipped with everything that the owner desired. There was also a mutual agreement to create a balance between free space in the apartment and the required functionalities. There are a plethora of custom-made solutions and out-of-the-box designs as a result.
The apartment has been arranged flawlessly to utilize all the available space. The area near the window, which is now fitted with a tatami sitting area, originally had a work desk. Having such a large work desk made the apartment look cramped and wasted a valuable space. Now, the seating by the window enables you to soak in some sun and enjoy the views outside.

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