The Koda house

In a bid to solve the UK’s housing crisis, Estonian design collective Kodasema has launched its prefabricated 25-square-metre micro home that takes less than a day to build and can be relocated to make use of vacant sites.
The Koda house costs just £150,000 as a package – including the cost of planning and building regulations, as well as delivery, site preparation, installation and connections to water, electricity and sewage.
The structure, which doesn’t need foundations and can be moved on the back of a lorry, aims to “shake up” the UK property market by encouraging self-build culture and better use of empty plots of land.
Kodasema sees the affordable and prefabricated design as a solution for “meanwhile planning” situations, which could be installed as temporary housing on disused sites across London. They suggest it could also be a low-cost summer house, a cafe, office, workshop, studio or classroom.

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