The Living Cube by designer Till Könneker

This is our new ELEMENTS line and the joyful birth of our new LIVING WALL!
We realized early on that one-size-cube-does-not-fit-all. So we broke our design down into all of its individual parts and came up with ELEMENTS (e.g. bookshelf element, drop down desk element, drawers element, etc), which can be now configured into a LIVING WALL or a LIVING CUBE – it’s up to you!
The dimensions of each ELEMENT will always stay the same (unless you order CUSTOM) but now you can group as many or as few ELEMENTS together as needed to fit your lifestyle and your budget. They can even be added onto later as your space and storage needs change. Download our Media Kit
The multi-purpose object known as ‘The Living Cube’ by designer Till Könneker creates space for things you’d like to see, and storage for the things you don’t. Living Cube creates multifunctional furniture for minimalist living.
Born out of a personal need to address a challenging living situation (lack of storage, limited space), Living Cube is both useful and sleek — a genuinely inspired marriage of form and function.

Idea & Concept: Till Könneker / Manufacture: Remo Zimmerli
Photographed by Rob Lewis / Operations: Dana Loftus /

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