The Olion villa in Thassos

This refreshing house is located in an olive grove where trees have been planted since the beginning of the 16th century. It has a wonderful terrace that invites residents and guests to relax and enjoy its facilities, with outdoor furniture and vaporous curtains that protect from the breeze and the sun when necessary.
This wonderful space also gives us the opportunity to relax in its swimming pool.
Designed by the architectural firm Ark4lab of architecture, the project is the result of a team effort by its architects Evdokia Voudouri and Giorgos Tyrothoulakis. It was carried out between 2014 and 2016, and is located on Thassos, a Greek island located in the northernmost part of the Aegean Sea, and close to the Thrace coast that is part of Greece.
The L shaped residence, with its functional volumes distinctly separated, unfolds in two levels. The ground floor comprises the unified space of the sitting area and the kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. The first floor contains the Master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.
Its simple decoration is perfectly matched with its location, since it was done including furniture of simple materials that reflect freshness. In the same way, the decorative details used maintain that rustic touch of the area.

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