Trendy Space – Urban Luxury

When the combination between clear stylistics, Asian simplicity, and urban luxury comes to life, it is defiantly an occasion for celebration. The project of Taiwan-based Made Go Design is composed for a young family with small child so naturally combine the soft textures, warm colors and welcoming emanation with more industrial hints and clean simplicity of the Asian traditions in one well-balanced ambiance than provides functionality and comfort with a dash of the so modern minimalism.
Throughout the apartment, there are many small, at first, glans, object, and decorations that ultimately create the intriguing and fashionable character of the home. The replica of the antique gramophone in the study for example. Or, take a look at this absolutely delightful cloud shaped lamp that rounds up the soft sitting area. The Muffins – a creation of Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova, its delicate light comes from hand was blown glass, laid on an oak wood base: airy and at the same time warm and earthly.

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