This home, named “Triangel,” was designed by the architectural firm Ritter Schumacher, a design studio with sites in three different cities – Chur and Zurich in Switzerland, and Vaduz in Lichtenstein. It is in this last country, one of the smallest in Europe, where the home is located, more specifically in the city of Nendeln, a tiny village located in the municipality of Eschen.
It was completed in the year 2017 and covers a total ground area of 264 square meters.
The home is not the sole building on the site at which it stands, as it is located in a residential area with a paved road and other private residences nearby, but it still emanates an air of peaceful serenity. The outer structure is made up of straight lines and white walls which contrast starkly against the tall, green, and organic shapes of the trees which surround it, but which nevertheless seems to echo what stands in the deep background – the peaks of the not so far off mountain range.
The interior is equally pure in its whiteness, with dark wooden floors that create a strong contrast and enhance the difference between the two tones. A terrace allows residents and guests alike to enjoy the views of the mountains and the surrounding landscape.

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