Bedroom in a Box: hideaway guest bed + storage spaces

Murphy Beds started one of the longest and strangest trends in bedroom design: the concealed, fold-down wall bed concept. In some ways, Boxetti‘s most recent attempt is much like the original idea, but by integrating surrounding storage spaces (drawers, cabinets and closet area) the goal is less to ‘hide away’ the bed than it is to celebrate the modern modular nature of this dynamic sleeping unit.

Like the other modules in the Boxetti furniture and interior design series, as much as possible is packed into an appealing, small and self-contained box, designed to save space and make installation as simple as setting the object in place. In this case, a double bed folds down, night stand folds out and wardrobe slides open all from the same side.

Moreover, the entire unit can be operated manually or by remote control and even comes in with a built-in, ambiance-adding light fixture for mood lighting or light reading at night. Shelves, drawers and clothing rail are all neatly tucked in at appropriate heights around the central fold-out-bed piece. As such, the entire unit would work well for someone with a small studio apartment space or in a living room as an extra ‘instant’ bedroom-on-demand for guests.




Stay Fancy! ;)

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