Old storage shed converted into guest house

“An existing 250 sq.ft. storage shed was transformed into a small guest house. A large tilted redwood clad wall, made from recycled cuts, slices through the house dividing it into work and live spaces. The walls ‘folds’ and becomes the deck, which sweeps out into the adjacent garden to connect the house to the landscape. Palm trees grow through openings in the deck to further the literal and figural linkage between house and garden. The titled redwood wall functions as a lighting instrument for both day and night, interior and exterior. During the day, the redwood wall bounces sun from the long narrow skylight and vertical slits into the house. At night, strips of translucent polycarbonate, stitched into the wood siding, glow from the concealed fluorescents hidden inside the tilted wall. The glowing translucent strips on the exterior part of the tilted wall cast light onto the surrounding gardens.”

Source, more at: flickr.com



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