Stone House

Stone House h

Haus Stein (Stone House) is a beautiful holiday home with simplicity, located in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, designed by Jan Rösler Architekten. Jan Rösler Architekten about the project: The clients had acquired a barn building that had stood unused for years. Their… Continue Reading

2D Lamps with 3D Optical Illusions

2D Lamps with 3D Optical Illusions h

Studio Cheha improved their function. They made the LED lights brighter and also included a dimmer switch—this enables you to choose your desired lighting experience, from decorative to practical. To produce “by BULBING,” thick sheets of acrylic glass are laser… Continue Reading

Minimalist Dream House in Germany

Minimalist Dream House in Germany h

This minimalist white home is indeed a reflection of clean, pure and serene environment, but what makes it luxurious are the materials and technology with which each edifice is constructed. Apparently, splashes of abstract color sparsely strewn here and there… Continue Reading

Apartment Eixample

Apartment Eixample h

Apartment Eixample is a beautiful dwelling with simplicity, located in Barcelona, Spain, renovated by the Spanish architect Adrian Elizalde. Adrian Elizalde about the project: The project presents the renovation of an apartment located in the Eixample, Barcelona. The building dating… Continue Reading