Mirror of Society

“To create Mirror of Society, Nucleo has used an application born to capture the zeitgeist (spirit of the time), has performed a series of investigations, related with central human life themes: love, fear, family, work, religion, politics, sex.
Nucleo has transformed the answers of the questions asked to the users in series of histograms, that will became in our reality the shape of a mirror.
Every mirror is different. Every mirror, to witness a specific reality.
For Nucleo this project is a first attempt to open its own work to a collaboration in open loop.

Mirror as investigation
Mirror as spirit of time
Mirror as the human life

“Mirror of Society” AP1 – 2013
Nucleo_Piergiorgio Robino + Alice C. Occleppo
124 x 84 x 15 h cm / 25 kg
Unique piece, exclusive Galleria n.38.”

Source, more at: behance.net



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