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The Bommel world by MYK

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It The ” Bommel” also known as Pompon…

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Lattice Chair by Myung Chul Kim

Pin It Criss-cross pattern of bent laminated strips. The highest point of each…

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Pat Spratt armchair by David Cummins

Pin It Pin It “The Pat Spratt armchair was designed and handcrafted as…

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David Cummins furniture

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Seven Chair by James Sloss

Pin It Pin It “The 4th year capstone in the Industrial Design program…

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The Latin-American chair by Mauricio Ercoli

Pin It The Latin-American chair represents all the Latino people and does not…

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Ikono – Indoor and outdoor chair

Pin It Pin It This chair was inspired in the 1960′s circle chair. In words…

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Skeleton – Lounge chair by Patricia Borginho

Pin It Pin It This exercise was meant to design a movable seat, for a particular…

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Opera armchair

Pin It “OPERA is a project created to commemorate stopping wonderful moments…

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Wooden Haha chair

Pin It “Wooden Haha chair was born from the strong desire to create a…

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Pine Chair

Pin It Pin It Pin It ““Pine Chair” is a comfortable seat with small…

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