Black Pearl in Rotterdam South

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It The renovation of the Rotterdam ‘metier house’ is turned into an architectural spectacle, where was experimented with time and space. The 100 years old facade of a dwelling in a closed housing… Continue Reading

Groundbreaking Park Royal Tower, draped with Curtains of Greenery in Singapore

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It WOHA Architects are completely changing how skyscrapers are built with their Park Royal Tower in Singapore, which will feature twice as much greenery as the nearby Hong Lim… Continue Reading

How To Make A Cloud

Pin It Pin It To start, cover your work surface with a big sheet. Tape as many blown-up white balloons together as you like, to form your perfect cloud. Next, mix up a big batch paste of water and flour… Continue Reading

Kids pony chair replica

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Giddy up is a child sized reinvention of the acclaimed Pony Chair, which debuted in the 1970’s. View more at  

DIY Pendant Lamp Of Enameled Colander

Pin It Pin It Making a pendant lamp from it is even simpler. Just drill a hole in the bottom for the wire and insert it. Attach a light bulb socket inside of it. That’s all that you need to… Continue Reading

Amazing Tree Shadow Chandelier by HildenDiaz

Pin It Pin It Forms in Nature The Light sculpture Forms in Nature resembles Darwinist Ernst Haeckel’s drawings. Using a simple action, such as intensifying the brightness at the center of the artwork, the light transforms the space and adds… Continue Reading

Ingenious DIY patio planter project uses everyday materials

Pin It Pin It Finding space to install a garden in your modern city home is always a challenge. You can either settle for a tiny windowsill herb garden…or you can get creative. This unexpected solution was created by Annette… Continue Reading

Furniture Designs by Stephen Fitzgerald

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Various furniture design explorations and renderings. Stephen Fitzgerald: behance / website  

Unique in layout and decor, suite at Aditya boutique hotel, Sri Lanka

Pin It Aditya, one of Sri Lanka’s finest and distinctive boutique hotels. They strive to provide the utmost discreet personalized service, a tastefully luxurious environment, and an exquisitely private beach side location. There are twelve suites at Aditya, and they… Continue Reading

Ever Tire of Flowers?

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It A couple of old tires and a plain shed wall become blooming art! View more at Recaptured Charm  

Ship Shape, project The Blue House

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pieter Weijnen’s brand of maritime modernism brings a touch of magic to Amsterdam’s Steigereiland, where the architect built his family’s home. Inhabiting one of the development’s narrow plots, the house… Continue Reading

Eggspress – Heart Shaped Egg Mould

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Is there anything more comforting than eggs on toast? Well what about these egg moulds that turn out perfectly boiled eggs as perfect little hearts? No other breakfast can say,… Continue Reading

Animals’ bones wine racks by Choi Jinyoung

Pin It Pin It Conte bleu is a brand with a slogan, “Fable-like life”, was established by idealists. We are working in Seoul, South Korea and we research fable-like values through various experiments and projects. Via:  

How to make 3D paper ball ornaments

Pin It Pin It The colored balls are made from regular-weight computer paper (Astrobright from Office Max) and the white balls are made with cardstock. The big sphere is the size of a basketball; the little one is approximately a… Continue Reading

Convertible sofa, project by Julia Kononenko

Pin It Pin It Pin It In our apartments we are always in the confrontation with furniture for the living space. It is so important, that the Interior items possess little space, are multi-functional and small in size. I created… Continue Reading