Modular Mobile Home

Prefabricated architecture is known for its mobility, allowing people to live in faraway and previously isolated locales. Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos has created VIMOB in this vein, designing it as a modular home that can be easily transported and assembled. The… Continue Reading

Portable ESCAPE Traveler XL home

Portable ESCAPE Traveler XL home

Hitting the open road no longer means giving up the comforts of home. Meet the ESCAPE Traveler XL, a revolutionary tiny home on wheels that can sleep up to eight people in a luxury cabin-like interior. The compact 319-square-foot dwelling… Continue Reading

Tiny mobile home with amazing interior

Pin It The minuscule home has been curiously named Toybox Home. Since it is subtle, and the appearance of the whole thing gives us the feeling that Ken and Barbie would emerge out of it any moment. Despite the appearance,… Continue Reading