Creative Decor for Cats


Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Everyone is keen on pampering their pets, even interior designers. Recently many new designs have emerged that fuse gorgeous home decoration with cat-friendly environments.… Continue Reading

Highgate residence – LLI Design

Highgate residence - LLI Design-h

Pin It Pin It INFORMATION ON THE PROJECT: Highgate House, London The brief was to create a 700 square foot extension to house an open plan kitchen / living / dining room to this lateral house in Highgate, North London.… Continue Reading

Ceramic Hanging Pot

Ceramic Hanging Pot-h1

Pin It Handmade pots, designed and created to brighten the corners or areas of your home that need a touch of humor. Pin It See more at  

Ingenious Shelving Units: Hole in the Floor Series by Raw Edges

Ingenious Shelving Units Hole in the Floor Series by Raw Edges-h

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Based on the idea of things unexpectedly ending (in a physical sense), the unusual furniture pieces resemble vertical drawers which were literally sliced at the bottom. The impression a viewer gets is-as… Continue Reading

Diogene, designed by Renzo Piano

Diogene, designed by Renzo Piano-h

Pin It How about this for an energy efficient, self-contained studio space? Pin It Designed by Renzo Piano, the front part serves as a living room with a pull-out sofa and folding table. Behind the partition is a shower and… Continue Reading

Adorable flower-chairs

Adorable flower-chairs

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Amazing beautiful flower-chairs. It has modern but romantic style. Such chairs and table can be a good place for lunch. See more at:  

A Masterpiece Made From Wood by Algena

A Masterpiece Made From Wood by Algena-h

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It With many years of experience in yacht building and the processing of high-quality woods, the Swiss manufacturer Alegna comes with an elegant wooden bathtub of perfect quality. The… Continue Reading

Worknest office furniture design by Wiktoria Lenart

Worknest office furniture design by Wiktoria Lenart-h

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Wiktoria Lenart is a young Polish designer who conceived this project Worknest. This wooden table has been designed to accommodate 15 different elements that can be… Continue Reading

8008, Hiroyuki Arima + Urban Fourth

8008, Hiroyuki Arima + Urban Fourth-h

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It This house is the house which I designed on the suburban slope of Fukuoka, Japan. We plant a big tree of one each and 1,000 young plants in eight site divisions and… Continue Reading

Clockworks by Nell Burns

Clockworks by Nell Burns-Tea Time-h

Nursury Tree Wired felt hand and machine embroidered with machine stitched wire branches and leaves. 15″ x 12″ x 7″ Pin It Tick Tock Steampunk gear clock Free motion embroidery. Fully working manual Gear clock 9″ x 10″ Pin It… Continue Reading

Creative and unusual pillows you can have at home


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RUSH HOUR Mystery Dial Watch

RUSH HOUR Mystery Dial-h

Pin It Seconds add up to hours which add up to days, weeks, years, lifetimes. Yet seconds often go unnoticed. With Rush Hour, each second literally moves the hours (see animation below). The even numbered hour markers are the second… Continue Reading

Curly succulent plant, Moraea Tortilis

Curly succulent plant, Moraea Tortilis-h

Pin It Moraea tortilis, better known as Spiral Grass, is a bulbous plant with very unusual and ornamental foliage with twisting and curly leaves that resemble a corkscrew. Native to limited regions of Namibia and South Africa, Moraea tortilis is… Continue Reading

Watch Them Grow!

Watch Them Grow!-h

Pin It Rootvue Farm® is a garden laboratory which shows children the underground process of vegetables as they grow from seed to harvest. The kit which is perfect for the classroom or home includes a styrofoam base with a built-in… Continue Reading

Black Pearl in Rotterdam South

Black Pearl in Rotterdam South-h

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It The renovation of the Rotterdam ‘metier house’ is turned into an architectural spectacle, where was experimented with time and space. The 100 years old facade of a dwelling in a closed housing… Continue Reading