Tall 24 s.m. apartment

Tall 24 s.m. apartment

Working with less than 24 square meters, this apartment design takes advantage of tall ceilings to expand the living space vertically rather than horizontally. It was designed with a young woman in mind and enjoys comfortable dark styling for an… Continue Reading

Neon color theme small apartment

Vivid colors are an easy way to make an unforgettable impression within any interior. But using bold color schemes within a small space is a little more difficult – too much can overwhelm the eye and too little can make… Continue Reading

Small functional apartment

How to turn a small apartment or confined space into a delightful unique home, combining modern functional technologies, organic and natural materials and a dash of historical value and romance? This Barcelona jewel, created by Built Architecture answers the question… Continue Reading

Small Apartment with Vintage Details

Here is a two room apartment (60 square meters) with quite a few inspiring elements. We think some of them could really help when planning on decorating a similar crib. This two room apartment is located in Sweden and joins… Continue Reading

Home with 33 square meters of usable floor space

Home with 33 square meters of usable floor space

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this compact family home works with only 33 square meters of usable floor space, but it still retains a spacious aesthetic thanks to an innovative vertical approach to architecture. Folk Design implemented this creative home in… Continue Reading

50 square meters French apartment

This apartment is in the heart of Marais and measures 50 square meters (538 square feet). Exposed wood beams from the original structure really pop against white walls for an effective eclectic design. Natural materials are used throughout the space… Continue Reading

36 square meters transformer apartment

Pin It When you decide to make your home in a trendy neighborhood like Manhattan’s Gramercy Park, you must accept the fact that no matter how much you can invest, you will never live with rolling hills and spacious guest… Continue Reading

Small Couple’s Apartment in Paris

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It This 30 square-meter flat transformed by architect Richard Guilbault was initially divided into four very dark rooms difficult to fit out. The ambition of… Continue Reading