OPERIO – polymorphic storage pieces

Pin It Inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince, OPERIO is a collection of polymorphic storage pieces. As the novella‘s drawings, in which a boa looks like a hat after swallowing an elephant, the object takes form according to its… Continue Reading

Cheeky Boxes by Lucie Koldová of Czech studio Process

Pin It Pin It Pin It This beautiful modular storage system really did make me smile. Called Cheeky Boxes and designed by Lucie Koldová of Czech studio Process, the product features a series of stackable components that can be configured… Continue Reading

Booleanos by Joel Escalona

Pin It Pin It Inspired by concepts such as construction and deconstruction, transparencies, chromatic circles and addition-subtraction. This cabinet was designed by using different wood finishes, each piece is rectangular with seemingly similar components, which when combined, create totally different… Continue Reading