58 Sqm Open Studio Apartment

Pin It “Dan Vakhramieiev, creative director at FILD, designed and developed an inviting studio apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The project is a conversion of a two-room loft from a pre-revolutionary building erected in 191, with original old moldings in the… Continue Reading

Kristopher and Ginger’s Long Beach loft

Pin It “Kristopher and Ginger’s Long Beach loft could comfortably be called a behind the music house tour, an expansive and flexible space which plays double duty between their “living zones” and their professional “creative zones”. Designed to accommodate for… Continue Reading

Manhattan Micro Loft

Pin It “It’s really hard to make 425 square feet look spacious but Specht Harpman Architects managed to do just that in this once awkward New York City apartment that’s set at the top of a six-story building.” Source, more… Continue Reading

Apartment Design Based on the Idea of Constant Motion

Pin It “The concept of movement appears through the spacial design areas such as the bedroom, the lounge, the library and the bathroom are located surrounding the kitchen, the historical symbol of the “family’s heart”. So you can move from… Continue Reading

Trump World Tower’s 77B Penthouse

Pin It “Designed by architect Mark Cunningham, with help of Michael Gilmore, Trump World Tower’s 77B Penthouse features two-bedrooms, two-baths and a media room, all within 12-ft-high ceilings. On the east and south side of the 2,871 sq ft Manhattan… Continue Reading

10 foot wide home

Pin It Located in the heart of Cole Valley, a small neighborhood in San Francisco, California, this two-story contemporary home was built in 2004. The 1,030 square foot residence features two bedrooms, one bathroom and a half, and is only… Continue Reading